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The fashion industry is considered one of the major polluters of the environment, as fashion trends change very quickly, and the need for new collections is becoming increasingly common. In addition to the production of materials and finished products, the packaging of shipments is also a major polluter.

At our company, we care about the environment, and because we want fashion and the environment to go hand in hand, we have set both short-term and long-term goals that will help maintain a clean environment.

1. We reduce the use of plastics and plastic packaging
As part of the eco-initiative, the company is greatly reducing the use of plastic packaging intended for the protection of clothes and their delivery. We are gradually replacing plastic with environmentally friendly protective recycled paper and packaging made from recycled plastic or cardboard.

2. We use recycled packaging suitable for multiple use
The packaging bags in which we send orders are made of environmentally friendly 100% recycled plastic, which is intended for multiple use and can be used by the customer, among other things, to return the goods.

3. Instead of classic plastic bags, we use recycled cardboard boxes
We replace classic plastic packaging bags with the use of cardboard boxes made of waste paper. The boxes additionally protect the goods during transport and ensure that the products reach the customer undamaged.

4. We operate paperless

Our goal is to completely abandon the use of the paper invoice and shipment return form in 2022. Customers will receive invoices exclusively in electronic form, and they will be able to fill in the return, exchange or complaint form via the digital form on our website

Our current and biggest challenge is to introduce changes in the production and use of recycled textile materials.

In the production of new collections, we will take into account the latest ecological trends as much as possible and gradually replace existing materials with equivalent or better recycled materials. In addition to synthetic recycled materials, most of the collection will be made from natural materials with all associated eco-certificates.


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